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Are you an expert in trading the Forex market

Do you know what Forex market means? Have you traded it before? Have you heard about it? There are many people who are already...

The new year is a good time to consolidate your debts

It’s round about now that many of our New Year resolutions start to fall by the wayside. But one resolution you might want to consider committing to is consolidating your debts.

How does life insurance work? A guide for beginners

Life insurance is a type of contract taken out between an insurance provider and an individual where, in exchange for a premium, the insurer...

How to make money from your website

Thanks to the internet, we have more avenues for creativity and ways to make money than ever before. Every website has money-making potential, and...

The PPI scandal: How has it impacted British banks?

Although the mis-sold PPI scandal was uncovered a long time ago, the announcement of a deadline for PPI claims is a fresh reminder of...

Divorce for business owners: 4 tips from a top London divorce solicitor

The end of a marriage causes a lot of emotional strain and financial concern. But for business owners, it can be an especially troublesome...

Equity release grows in popularity, but do your homework

Equity release is becoming increasingly popular, with growing numbers of people unlocking the wealth tied up in their bricks and mortar.

How to prevent financial sanctions

Financial sanctions can be very damaging for any firm in the financial or banking sector. In the UK, the Office for Financial Sanctions Implementation...

Son’s heartache after stepmum ignores his father’s will

The dangers of writing a basic will and then simply assuming everything will be taken care of have been highlighted by the traumatic experience of a man who’s been left with nothing.

Ryanair passengers facing a compensation minefield

Ryanair passengers who have been told their flights have been cancelled face potential confusion when it comes to claiming compensation.

‘A quarter of uni students are likely to become theft victims’

Students heading off to university this autumn are being warned to take particular care of their possessions following indications that a huge number of them are likely to fall prey to thieves.

Call to ban hikes in credit limits without customers’ permission

Credit-card providers should be banned from increasing people’s credit limits without customers specifically requesting the move.