6 ways to beat soaring fuel prices

“Beating record petrol prices- It’s easy” says LOVEELECTRIC.CARS

Fuel prices are hitting record highs on an almost daily basis making it an expensive time to run a petrol or diesel car. But motoring need not break the bank – nor the environment, says Steve Tigar, CEO of, the ethical company which makes driving an electric car for less money a reality for employed people.


Steve Tigar says:

“There’s never been a better time to drive an EV.  Soaring pump prices make running an electric vehicle (EV) more attractive than ever. And driving an EV won’t just cut your fuel outlay. Here are six of the best ways to lower motoring costs:


  1. “Slash your fuel bills. An EV will cost you 3.5 pence per mile in fuel costs compared to around 12p per mile for its petrol equivalent[1].


  1. “Shop around. Spend some time researching electricity tariffs and you’ll make even bigger savings thanks to some great off-peak tariffs. Charge your car off-peak on a 7p/kWh tariff and your fuel will cost less than 2p per mile.


  1. “Cut servicing bills. EVs are cheaper to maintain. They have fewer moving parts; there’s no oil to change; and because of their clever regenerative braking that charges the battery using kinetic energy, there’s lower wear and tear on brake pads and discs.


  1. “Axe taxes. There’s NO Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) on EVs. Even a clean petrol car [2]will cost you £540 in VED over four years. And there’s no London congestion charge or costs for entering low emissions zones in cities with an EV.


  1. “Get help paying for a charging point. There’s still time to claim up to £350 on the government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharging Scheme (EVHS). But be quick: the EVHS ends for most homeowners on March 31.


  1. “Lease rather than buy. Run an EV using a salary sacrifice scheme through your employer, and you’ll pay lower monthly leasing costs, less tax, and lower National Insurance Contributions – you’ll also avoid depreciation. Driving an EV makes so much sense on so many levels.”