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Skipton Building Society has increased the rate of its two-year fixed-rate Isa, which now pays 2% a year. Savers can invest from £500. Additions are permitted while the issue remains open and early access to funds is allowed, subject to a penalty of 180 days’ loss of interest and closure of the account. Transfers in from both cash and stocks & shares Isas are accepted. This deal is for savers aged 16 and over and can be operated in branch, by post and online.

It’s good because: This heads straight into the Moneyfacts.co.uk best buys. It has a great short-term rate.


Post Office Money has increased the rate on its Online Saver Issue 15, an easy access account, and now pays 1.4% a year, including a bonus of 0.75% for 12 months. Savers can invest between £1 and £2m. Additions and unlimited penalty-free withdrawals are allowed. This deal is for savers aged 18 and over and must be operated online.

It’s good because: This sits within the top 10 in the market and has unlimited penalty-free withdrawals.



Yorkshire Building Society has reduced the cost of its two-year fixed-rate mortgage, which is now priced at 2.29% until October 2017. The deal is for applicants who borrow between £50,000 and £1m at 85% loan-to-value (LTV). There is a fee of £475, of which £345 can be added to the advance. There is the ability to make overpayments of up to 10% of the outstanding balance, make underpayments and take payment holidays.

It’s good because: The rate and the reasonable fee mean this could be a popular choice for borrowers.


Beverley Building Society has a discounted variable rate tracker deal priced at 2.19% (a 2.56% discount) for two years. This deal is for first and second-time buyers only who borrow between £10,000 and £500,000 at 80% LTV. There is a fee of £495, all of which can be added to the loan advance. There is the flexibility of being able to make overpayments of up to 10% of the outstanding balance.

It’s good because: With a low fee, this deal could be a good option for borrowers looking to significantly reduce the overall term of their mortgage.


Credit cards

Lloyds Bank has reduced its balance-transfer fee on its online platinum 32-month balance transfer card. The 32 months deal on balance transfers is for balances made in the first three months, and there is a fee of 1.54%. There are also six months of interest-free purchases. Purchases after the initial deal expires will be charged at 18.9% APR while the interest on balance transfers after the introductory period is up is 18.94% a year. Applications must be made online.

It’s good because: This offers one of the lowest balance-transfer fees for one of the longest interest-free terms.