7 ways to prevent heat loss in your home this Winter

How can you prevent heat loss in your home in Winter

1. Rearrange your furniture to improve the heat flow of your room

In some cases, a simple rearranging of your living spaces could help you optimise the flow of heat in your house. If you have any furniture that covers or blocks a radiator, it’s likely that the heat from that radiator is being absorbed by that object. Have a scan around your living room, and if anything is blocking the radiator. You can then rearrange it to improve the heat flow and reduce heat loss.

2. Draught proof your windows with this £2.69 tape

Even if you have your heating on, you’ll find that your home won’t retain the heat if there are any gaps or holes that it can slip out of – such as in your window (especially if it’s single glazed). All you need to do is invest in some draught tape which can be purchased for £2.69 on Amazon. This type of tape is used to create a seal around the gaps in your windows that let any cool air in.

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3. Place specialist foil behind your radiators to bounce the heat around the room

Putting specialist foil (£6.60) behind your radiators is another way to improve the heat flow in your home. The foil will reflect the heat and prevent it from going into the walls. If your home isn’t very well insulated, then this could help you prevent further heat loss. It’s also an eco-friendlier way of keeping yourself a bit warmer.

4. Bleed your radiators to make your central heating last longer

You can increase the heat emitted by your radiators by bleeding them when needed. If they are working efficiently, then you won’t need to keep your central heating on for as long.

5. Invest in thick curtains

The better your insulation, the more heat you will keep in and the less you will spend on heating. With this in mind, consider investing in some thick curtains.

6. Use a hoodie or old blanket to stop draughts

Draught-proofing can be a quick and easy way to save money on your heating bills. For example, you could place a hoodie or old blanket at the bottom of an internal door that lets out heat.

7. Use a hot water bottle to keep yourself warm

This is much cheaper than heating your home and can also be a great way to stay warm during the nighttime. However, remember to only fill your hot water bottle with water that has been boiled and left to cool in the kettle (or pan) for a minute or two. Using boiling or just boiled water presents a scalding risk from the splashback.

Research from Ocean Finance