Pick of the week

Check out this week’s best new financial deals


Paragon Bank has relaunched its 120-Day Notice Account (Issue 4), which pays a variable rate of 1.96% a year. Savers can invest between £500 and £100,000. Further additions are permitted and an unlimited number of withdrawals can be made, provided 120 days’ notice is given. This deal is for savers aged 18 and over and must be operated online.

It’s good because: Investors looking for easy access to funds might like this relaunch. It has a market-leading rate.


Secure Trust Bank has reissued its five-year fixed-rate bond, paying 3.11% a year until the end of 2020. Savers can invest from £1,000. Further additions are allowed while the issue remains open, but early access is not permitted. This deal is for savers aged 18 and over and can be operated by telephone or by post.

It’s good because: Savers looking to invest over the longer term might find this competitive rate highly attractive.



HSBC has extended the end date on its two-year fixed-rate mortgage, which is priced at 2.19% until March 2018. This deal is for all customers who borrow at 90% loan-to-value (LTV), with a fee of £1,499. There are free legal fees for remortgage customers and all borrowers have the flexibility to make overpayments.

It’s good because: This is competitively priced for customers who have 10% deposits. Those who want a little flexibility will welcome the option to make overpayments.


Personal loans

First Direct has reduced rates on selected tiers of its unsecured personal loan. Customers can now apply for a loan of £7,000 to £25,000 over one to seven years at a rate of 3.4% APR. Applicants must be 18 or over and must be existing customers or open a First Direct current account. Applications can be made online or by telephone.

It’s good because: This competitive deal has the lowest rate on the market.


Credit cards

Halifax has increased its introductory 0% interest term for balance transfers to 38 months on its Balance Transfer Credit Card Mastercard. The card carries a 2.75% introductory balance-transfer fee, with any transfers carried out after the introductory period charged interest of 18.95%. The card also offers an introductory 0% interest deal on purchases for six months. After that, purchases will be subject to interest of18.9%. Customers must be 18 and over and apply online.

It’s good because: This is one of the longest 0% balance-transfer offers available.