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Big energy suppliers fight back

There is some good news for hard-pressed householders with indications that competition from smaller energy suppliers is making the bigger players up their game.

There has been a trend over recent months of the smaller suppliers dominating the best-buy charts, but new data released by price-comparison service Uswitch.com shows that half of the top-10 deals are now offered by the so-called Big Six.

While top spot is still occupied by small supplier Extra Energy, Uswitch said many of the Big Six had “upped their game” over the past month and were now offering better deals.

Tom Lyon, of Uswitch, said: “Small suppliers have been leading the charge with the cheapest deals, so it’s great news for consumers that the Big Six are fighting back with better tariffs.

“Suppliers need to prove themselves both on price and service if they want to win customers, so no company – big or small – can afford to rest on its laurels.

“Consumers are voting with their feet and are easily attracted by cheaper prices and the promise that their bills will be protected from future price rises.”