National Happiness month gives high morale

National Happiness month: Morale high as 51% proud to be British

  • WFH saves Brits on average £467 per month
  • British adults smile 17 times a day and laugh 10 times daily
  • Brits happy with 1hr 46 mins more personal time a day
  • 1 in 3 sex life increased

With National Happiness Month this August, new research from SmileDirectClub, which looked at the Happiness Index of Brits, revealed that happiness levels are high in the UK, with Brits smiling 17 times a day and laughing on average 10 times daily. 100% of Brits are saving money, on average £467 a month per person thanks to WFH, with time-saving, sex and sport being the top themes that are keeping Brits happy.

The oral care leader with the first Medtech platform for teeth straightening commissioned the study that looked at happiness levels now compared to before Covid. Thanks to Brits now having 1hr and 46 mins more personal time a day, following more of us working from home, over 1 in 3 Brits (33%) said their sex life had increased (12% significantly), 45% saying they had more time to ignite their romance, and 29% said sex has helped to relieve pandemic stress. 36% of the UK are also kissing their partner more.

Financially, 18-34-year-olds saved on average £757 during the pandemic in comparison to 55+ year-olds who only saved on average £250 due to working from home. Londoners being amongst the highest savers with £641.66 a month, along with the North West putting aside £626.03, contrary, Glaswegians only saved £286 a month.

Sports boosting morale in Britain

Sports and milestone moments also came up trumps with British happiness levels. Over a third (35%) said that the UEFA Euro 2020 has boosted their morale and given them more reasons to smile (37%) – with 51% saying they are proud to be British. Also, 45% are excited about the Olympics.

Over a third (35%) said they think the England team will win the World Cup, 1 in 5 (19%) said the Euros has made them happier, and 1 in 5 (19%) said it came at the ideal time following the lockdown to give Brits a reason to cheer.

Milestone moments revealed

Lockdown has not stopped Brits from being able to hit milestone moments that have helped to boost levels of contentment. Top milestone moments included:

  • Moving Home
  • Had a career change
  • Started a business
  • Bought a property
  • Got promoted at work
  • Separated from partner / got divorced
  • Secured dream job
  • Fell pregnant / had a baby
  • Got engaged
  • Found love

David Cran, VP, UK, Ireland, & Iberia at SmileDirectClub, comments; “It’s great to see that after a challenging period, Brits have overcome adversity and found reasons to be happy. SmileDirectClub has seen Brits signing up for teeth aligners to create a smile they love and to boost their confidence in perfect time as we get to enjoy more freedom. ”

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