Stamp Duty deadline: What to check before moving

As the UK dashes to beat the Stamp Duty deadline, movers need to check these things before they move.

 The rush to move home before the stamp duty deadline ends on June 30th has seen a 200% year-on-year increase in removals in the past month, according to the UK’s largest removals company, AnyVan.

 In preparation for the last dash before the stamp duty deadline, Angus Elphinstone, CEO, and founder of AnyVan is recommending that UK movers make sure they have checked off six vital actions before moving in 2021.

Give time to book before the Stamp duty deadline

  • First, you should ask yourself if you have given yourself enough time to book a removals van – many people book at least 21 days in advance of a move and while traditionally, September is the busiest month for booking removal vans, this year there will be a rush from May to June due to stamp duty. Given that we’ve already experienced our busiest March ever, booking as far ahead as possible is a great idea.

Read reviews and feedback

  • Be sure to do your homework; read reviews and feedback from previous customers on sites such as Trustpilot and Google. Just because a company is long-established doesn’t necessarily mean it is better than an independent.

Stamp duty deadline movers

Terms and Conditions

  • Review your delivery company’s Ts&Cs; particularly focusing on liability, insurance, and date changes. Flexibility around dates, especially when part of a moving chain, is vitally important – so you want to make sure you won’t be penalised if changing dates or times late in the day.

Compare quotes

  • Try to compare a number of quotes. Be sure to look around – there’s a wide range of options available to movers; from the more expensive long-established traditional firms to more affordable independent companies and operators, to online aggregators and marketplaces. Sifting through all options, your key considerations should be on price and service quality.

Prepare to pack up

  • At AnyVan, around 85% of our customers opt for packing their own home and then letting the removals company do the rest. So, it’s important to brace yourself for a big packing session.
    1. At least a week before having a clear-out of old possessions you no longer need or want – it can be quite satisfying and get you excited about your big move!
    2. Always stack plates on their sides and glasses upright – key to ensuring they travel safely
    3. Label the boxes – either number or label the boxes (the last thing you want is to find a mountain of unmarked boxes in your new home’s living room)

Moving abroad

  • If you’re going abroad, you may need to look into whether you have covered all the relevant paperwork – Brexit increased costs and forms significantly since January and you may need some sound advice. We recently appointed a specialist to advise AnyVan on this.

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