The pub beer price index

Data compares the cost of a pint of beer in top-rated and Wetherspoons pubs around the UK

The pub beer price index also includes the top 50 tourist destinations for Brits.

  • On average, the cheapest place to buy a pint of beer in the UK is Inverness (£3.10), followed by Swansea (£3.60) and Glasgow (£3.70).
  • The most expensive places to buy a pint of beer in the UK on average are London (£4.50), Edinburgh (£4.40) and Birmingham (£4.40).
  • Krakow has the cheapest pint of lager (£1.30), followed by Prague and Bali (both £1.60).
  • Bali (£1.60) is the cheapest place to buy lager outside of Europe, whilst Orlando has the second cheapest pint (£4.00) outside of Europe. Dubai (£10.00), Sydney (£6.50) and Melbourne (£6.00) have the most expensive lager prices in the index., the search engine for holiday rentals, has released a study about the price of beer in a number of UK cities and popular holiday destinations for Brits. As travel experts, they understand the importance of knowing the cost of products on the ground in each location, including the price of beer, which is a key factor for many people when they go on holiday. They, therefore, set out to establish how much a pint of beer costs at home and abroad by looking at beer prices in top-rated UK pubs as well as in the top 50 holiday destinations for Brits around the world. To capture both ends of the UK market, they studied the price of beer in top-rated pubs and Wetherspoons pubs to give insight into how much a tourist is likely to pay compared to a local.

How the study was conducted:

The pub beer price index began by determining the highest rated pubs in 30 top UK cities. The researchers then recorded the price of a pint of the cheapest lager as well as the prices of a pint of popular lager (e.g. Heineken, Stella Artois) and a dark beer (e.g. Guinness). The prices of similar types of beer were then gathered from a Wetherspoons pub in each city to allow for a comparison of both ends of the market.

Using this data, it was then possible to determine the average price of a pint of beer in each city. In addition, to gauge how much would be spent by different drinkers on a night out, the cost of purchasing 6 pints and 3 pints in every UK location was calculated.

Following this, the study turned its attention outside the UK by identifying the 50 most popular holiday destinations for British people. It began by finding the price of beer at top-rated pubs in each location. The researchers were then able to determine how much tourists can expect to spend in order to get the same amount of beer abroad.

In order to establish the prices of a pint of beer in each location, online drinks menus were analysed and pubs were contacted directly via social media. In the case that a pub did not have a menu or did not answer, a number of online review services were used to find the next top-rated pub with prices available.

The overall findings of the index allow for a direct comparison of beer prices from a variety of pubs in the UK and around the world. It also reveals the difference in what tourists and locals are likely to pay for a pint of beer in the UK, and where holidaymakers can expect to pay the most and least.

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