Warning issued ahead of Hurricane Gonzalo

Homeowners are being advised to take steps to help prevent damage to their properties as the country gets ready to deal with the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo.

“Strong winds and heavy rain can wreak havoc on homes and gardens, but a few simple steps can go a long way to reduce the damage,” said Tim Downes, of Lloyds Bank Insurance.

There are severe weather warnings for wind and gales on Tuesday, and further bad weather is expected later this week.

Katie Lomas, of Direct Line, said: “We are expecting the strongest winds to hit on Tuesday, which could cause damage to homes and disruption to travel.

“It is almost a year since St Jude hit and we are preparing for a surge in roof claims, damage caused by trees and surface water.

“Be careful climbing up ladders yourself to clear gutters or to fix lose tiles and allow extra time for your commute in the morning.”


Top tips

Keep gates and shed doors fastened securely

Make sure outside lights are secure

Consider cutting back low-hanging branches that could cause damage in high winds

Clear the gutters and drainpipes of any debris to reduce the risk of blocks and overflows

Store documents such as insurance-policy details and contact numbers in a watertight bag, preferably upstairs

If you suffer any damage or flooding, try to take photos of the damage – it could help with the settlement of any claim

Do not use electrical equipment or the gas supply until you get the all-clear from a qualified tradesman