Young workers need second jobs to make ends meet

The employment situation might be brighter now than it has been for much of the past few years, but younger workers are still struggling to meet their financial commitments.

Almost half of those aged between 18 and 24 have two or more jobs, and more than a third of people in this age range reckon they can’t cover their essential bills without a second job.

Meanwhile, about 15% of these young workers are putting in more than 70 hours a week, according to the Debt Advisory Centre.

Overall, across the age ranges, more than a fifth of adults have second jobs, with many of them doing the extra work simply to get by.

“It’s worrying that so many people are having to rely on working several jobs to be able to meet their essential costs,” says Melanie Taylor, a spokesman for the debt-advice company.

“This is especially true for young people, either because they couldn’t survive financially without it or just to make their financial situation a bit easier.

“Whilst having extra income gives people the peace of mind that they can afford their bills, working night and day can put a real strain on health, family and relationships.”