Could your business save on expenses?

Business trips are always expensive. Whether you need to go to London for a conference or to send some employees to meet a client in Manchester, any sort of business travel is an expense that companies need to budget for.

From paying for a hotel, to booking the trains and paying for the food and drinks whilst employees are there, it all adds up quickly. But, there are lots of ways that your business can save money on their business travel expenses without coming across as stingy, here’s how:

Apartments over hotels

Overnight accommodation is really costly and most businesses tend to book hotels for employees who are away on business. A great way to make savings and get more for your money is by booking apartments instead. These Urban Retreat luxury serviced apartments are located super centrally in London and have amazing facilities, making them more of a home from home than a bare hotel room feels, especially if the trip extends to more than a few days. With much nicer interiors and more home comforts than a hotel room, including your own fridge and dishwasher, they make a welcome change that employees will love.


A lot of the time business travel transport is so expensive because it’s booked at the last minute. As a rule, if you’re sending an employee on a short journey always use Uber for the cheapest cab fairs in order to save cash. When travelling by rail, there are lots of tips and tricks to make savings, like using Megatrain services where possible and never traveling at peak times to avoid the costliest fares.

Food and drink

If you’re looking for areas where you can cut costs, imposing a cost limit on the food and drink available to employees on business trips is essential. By imposing limitations on the amount that employees are allowed to claim back, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re not fronting huge meal bills where employees could be tempted to abuse your generosity. A price limit on the cost of a meal and drink gives employees a maximum budget which they can claim back for so you can budget for food and drink expenses more accurately shutterstock_303161843going forwards.

These are just some of the ways that your business could save on business travel expenses without disappointing employees. The experience is still as enjoyable for all but comes without the hefty price tag.