How to find a legitimate UK online casino

Gambling has undergone a significant shift from the back rooms of bars, through the flashy, glamorous casinos in Las Vegas, all the way to the Internet. Nowadays, this hobby is available at the push of a button, and it comes free of strings pulling you to put on your best suit for a night out. Since their appearance, the online casino have greatly changed, as both the games they offer and the services they provide have greatly improved.

Speaking of this, when it comes to online casinos in the UK, there has been much debate as to the degree of safety they guarantee. In the early days, there were many imposters that have scammed innocent people off their money, but this has also changed throughout the years.

Nowadays, there are several indicators which could help anyone distinguish between a reliable, legitimate online casino and a rogue one.

UK Gambling Commission verification

Casinos in the UK have been regulated by law since 2005 with the employment of the UK Gambling Commission. This legal body poses certain criteria which need to be met by online casinos in order to get their license. Players are advised to look for the Gambling Commission’s symbol which should be at clear view on any respective UK online casino.

Software certification

The gambling software used by online casinos needs to be audited on a regular basis in order to receive certification. This ensures that the games aren’t programmed to the players’ worst case scenario. For this purpose, special audit companies perform various tests on the relevant software.

Deposit options

This is a crucial matter for gambling enthusiasts in the UK, as the range of deposit and withdrawal options should be wide. The best casinos are bound to offer various kinds of banking transactions via MasterCard or Visa, as well as PayPall or even an e-wallet feature. The best casinos are completely transparent when it comes to this issue.

Withdrawal speed

All gamblers are interested about this piece of the puzzle, and they all strive to find the casino with the fastest cash-out service. Considering the fact that players are bound to revolt against any injustice in this regard, you should be able to find plenty of information about a casino if it is known for its ‘downtime’ when paying its players.

The selection of games

Although this might not seem like a real indicator of online casino legitimacy, the selection of games varies greatly from one site to the other. Imposters tend to offer the main couple of games, refusing to invest in a more skillful cover-up. Reliable casinos, however, will provide you with multiple platform support and additional choices.

Customer support center

This factor is bound to prove any suspicions you might have regarding the legitimacy of a certain casino. Most casinos which have indecent intents tend to offer a simple e-mail address or an unwelcoming voice at the customer support center. On the other hand, certified casinos tend to provide their customers with reassuring advice, readily available at any time.