Former Psychiatrist Launches New Initiative to Promote ‘Mental Wealth’

Research states that 1 in 4 people experience at least 1 mental health diagnosable problem. With ongoing challenges to our daily lives, the importance of mental fitness and the need for accessible support  is now greater than ever.

In response to this, entrepreneur and former psychiatrist, Dr. Lucy Davey, has founded Wealth & Grace, an exciting new company with a mission to disrupt the existing mental health space by promoting the importance of ‘Mental Wealth’ – the balance of mental, physical and financial fitness.


Wealth & Grace aims to help people of all ages, backgrounds and income brackets achieve a better level of mental, physical and financial fitness, bringing greater stability to all aspects of their lives.

“Wealth & Grace draws upon the expertise and experience of all involved through mental-fitness-campaign projects and educational courses. Many of our projects will be based on an “engage-to-earn” model, which we  have found to be a great way for users to improve their mental wellbeing using a fun, engaging reward system. By carrying out simple tasks, people can improve their mental, physical and financial wellbeing and enrich themselves in the process,” explains Dr. Davey

‘Mental Wealth’ focuses on the three core concepts of Mental, Physical and Financial fitness with the aim to find a balance across all three elements:

  • Mental fitness:  Devising a range of  mental health courses, ‘tools’ and activities to improve people’s overall mental wellbeing, increasing daily productivity and positivity.
  • Physical Fitness: Encouraging physical fitness activities and projects that energise and incentivise because physical fitness is one of the ways to improve mental well-being.
  • Financial Fitness: Supporting sustainable goals with a focus on passive income opportunities.

Wealth & Grace founder Dr. Davey, is a medically trained, former mental health doctor (Psychiatrist) who, through her own professional and personal experiences of the current mental health services, decided she needed to do something to implement change in the industry.

Whilst taking a sabbatical from medicine to bring up family, Lucy dedicated her time to cryptocurrency investment and later developed her knowledge further into blockchain startups. Her knowledge in this investment/tech space opened her eyes to so many opportunities within Metaverse, web3 and blockchain which she believes boasts huge potential to improve the mental health sector in the future. Lucy is excited to be working with the web3 community on prospective projects.

Commenting on the importance of the new initiative, Dr. Davey said  ‘It has certainly been a challenging few years and that is without the day to day struggles of raising a family, running a home or succeeding in the workplace. Since lockdown, I began to explore options of investment to improve my own fitness and opened my eyes to so many opportunities in the mental health space alone. Through Wealth & Grace, we are championing a range of mentally-stimulating activities you can add in your life which will support you to feel good. The key is to have the right mixture of pleasure, motivation, fitness and connection.”

Dr. Davey hopes that Wealth & Grace will enable more people to talk openly and freely about their health and wealth without any fear of judgement. “Mental Wealth should never be a taboo subject’,” she adds.

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