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How to keep finances in shape with a gym membership

Did you know subscriptions including gym memberships are one of the easiest ways to build a history of on-time credit payments?

According to independent financial broker Norton Finance, the UK’s ten million gym members could start improving their credit score – even the five million of us who stop pounding the treadmill or lifting those weights before we’re half-way through the year.

Sticking to these three steps can help improve your credit score and make it easier to get loans or mortgages if you ever need them.

There’s no extra cost, just as long as you pay on time. It’s a really easy way to improve your credit score, or even build it from scratch if you’re just starting out.

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Three simple steps to a better credit score

  1. Set up your gym membership (or any other subscription) so that it’s paid via continuous payment authority debited from your credit card.
  2. Set up your credit card so that it’s paid off by direct debit from your bank account every month.
  3. And this is the critical one – make sure you always have enough money in your bank account to make the payments. Be aware of any cost increases from the service you’re using.

Did you know that having any small purchase on your card every month, paid off in full and on time builds a consistent payment history? This means that over time your credit score will go up.

Use this hack for any of your regular monthly outgoings: whether it’s gym memberships, subscription boxes like meal preparation, coffee, beauty or even socks, or streaming services like Spotify and Netflix; whatever you have set up on a monthly basis does the trick.

And the more active credit accounts you have that are paid on time, the better for your credit record.

But beware, make sure to pay your credit card in full every month to avoid paying any interest or building up credit card debt.

Norton Finance: “Making a small regular monthly payment on a credit card and paying it off in full, routinely keeps the account active and helps you build good credit habits. Over time, this smart yet simple habit can strengthen your credit score.”

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