Curve launches new card with bold updated design

Curve unveils a new card reflecting bold advancements the company has made to help people take control of their money

Curve, the financial super app which combines all of your debit, credit and loyalty cards into one, easy-to-use smart card, has unveiled a new card with a bold, updated design, reflecting the bold advancements the company has made to help people take control of their money.

The global fintech is replacing all bank cards with the new design. The card redesign signifies an evolution in the Curve card branding since it launched with a blue card in 2016.

The symbolic grid design of the new card has been inspired by cubism art, a movement which brings different perspectives of an object together in one image. Representing how Curve brings the fragmented pieces of your financial life together in one place, each block represents a different card in your wallet, a different element of your personal financial ecosystem, all connected in one single card.

The new card also features a notch on one end to make it more accessible for the blind and visually impaired. The notch allows users with visual impairments to quickly recognise which way to tap their cards and withdraw cash.


Shachar Bialick, Founder and CEO of Curve, comments: “Curve is evolving and the time was right for us to update our card design. Colour is the first thing our brain registers, so naturally, colour was a key element for us. It’s a new dawn for Curve. We’ve helped over three million customers take control of their money and now we’re in an expansion phase. We wanted our new card design to reflect the bold advancements we’ve made to help empower people with their finances, and our card has been designed with this in mind.”