Turn clutter into cash for savvy start to 2022

eBay reveals which items to sell this January to help fund upcoming milestone moments

To kick start 2022, eBay UK is on hand to help the nation cash in on the annual declutter, revealing what to sell to help fund those big life changes – from growing families, to students and yuppies on the move.

380 secondhand items were listed on eBay every minute by savvy sellers last January, with women’s clothing, video games and DVDs the most commonly sold. Reaching almost 17 million secondhand listings in total, January is the prime time to make some profit by rehoming once essential items that have started to gather dust.


Emma Grant, Head of Pre-Loved at eBay said: “Over the past two years many of us have had to put plans on hold, some have gone through major changes, and  I know I’m in good company having made plenty of  impulse purchases in lockdown. Whatever the reason may be, eBay is here to help you make some extra cash while clearing out the house this month, to set yourself up for whatever 2022 might bring.”

This is how much you could make selling unwanted items on eBay to help fund an exciting new stage in 2022.

Baby on the way

With many welcoming new-borns into the world this year, nesters who may lose their time for hobbies can sell their old equipment, such as video game consoles or musical amps. They could even swap out bigger furniture pieces, to make room for and fund a nursery.

  1. DJ Decks – £386
  2. Video game consoles – £235
  3. Wedding Dress – £148
  4. Handbags – £62
  5. Music Amplifier – £128
  6. Chest of drawers -£90
  7. Video games – £19
  8. Suitcase – £80
  9. Desk – £40
  10. Painting supplies – £16

Soon-to-be parents could make an average of £1,204 – a considerable contribution to the baby fund!

Moving to a new home

After saving for a deposit to secure a new home, buyers are usually strapped for cash. To help make some money and fund renovations, items that won’t make it into the moving van can easily be sold on eBay.  For partners moving in together for the first time, make some quick cash by listing the appliances that they would be doubling up on, most commonly TV sets, kitchen gadgets and furniture.

  1. Mattresses – £199
  2. Table and Chair Sets – £174
  3. Pizza Ovens – £139
  4. TVs – £134
  5. Wardrobes – £123
  6. Beds, Frames and Bases – £100
  7. Rugs – £73
  8. Waffle Maker – £65
  9. Microwave – £62
  10. Sofas and Armchairs – £47

Those looking to de-clutter ahead of a move could make an average of £1,116 selling on eBay!

Back to Uni

For young people heading back to university after spending Christmas at their family home, quick cash can be made by selling old gadgets and childhood items that they no longer use. The New Year is a great time to sort through nostalgic childhood favourites and tech gadgets that have since been upgraded, with everything from old Playmobil to pre-loved Smartphones hiding away at the back of cupboards and drawers. Parting ways with these once-loved items might just help students fund their next term at uni, or at least their next night out.

  1. Old smartphone – £157
  2. CD Players & Recorders – £135
  3. Old computer – £129
  4. Bike – £68
  5. Sports kit – £37
  6. Hot Wheels – £35
  7. Playmobil – £34
  8. Old trainers – £28
  9. Backpack – £21
  10. Heels – £18

Students could line their pockets with an average of £662 before they head back to university.

Growing kids

For those that have already welcomed a new addition to the family, it’s a shock how quickly time flies – and how quickly little ones grow. With growing children come growing demands, from needing new shoes, a bigger bed, to their very first bike. Parents can sell the old baby items that their children no longer use to help buy the next round of clothes and gadgets which their kids might need.

  1. Pushchairs and Prams – £148
  2. Cots and Cribs – £62
  3. Car Seats – £58
  4. Nursery Bedding – £49
  5. Baby Swings and Bouncers – £46
  6. Changing Tables – £46
  7. Baby Monitors – £45
  8. High Chairs – £45
  9. Playpens – £42
  10. Cot and cribs mattresses – £35

Selling old baby items can make an average of £576 – a helpful amount when it comes to keeping up with growing kids.

With over 27 million shoppers on eBay every month, the online marketplace can help you have a savvy start to 2022 and top up your bank balance. Shoppers can also easily donate to charity when selling, simply select the proportion of your sale that they’d like to donate and pick from over 8,000 charities enrolled on eBay.