The Top 10 Refurbished Mobile Phones With The Biggest Savings

Whether it’s Apple, Samsung, or Google, Finding the perfect mobile phone for you can be difficult. With constant ‘upgrades’ and extortionate prices, it’s hard to see the difference between an old and a new phone (Besides the price). You could always buy a lesser-known brand but those might not be much of a difference in price. A refurbished mobile phone might be your best option.

If you are looking to get the best possible mobile phone at a reasonable price, then buying a refurbished one is the way to go. Refurbished phones come at a much lower price and are just as good as at launch.

Continue reading to see the list of the top 10 refurbished mobile phones with the biggest savings.

Rank Phone Launch RRP Refurbished price Difference
1 Samsung Galaxy S9 £739 £169 -77%
2 Samsung Galaxy S10 £799 £228 -71%
3 Samsung Galaxy S10+ £899 £275 -69%
4 Samsung Galaxy S20+ £999 £338 -66%
5 Apple iPhone Xʀ £749 £266 -64%
5 Samsung Galaxy S9+ £869 £316 -64%
7 Samsung Galaxy S20 £799 £297 -63%
8 Google Pixel 5 £599 £232 -61%
9 Apple iPhone SE (2020) £419 £173 -59%
10 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 £1,599 £684 -57%
10 Apple iPhone 11 £729 £313 -57%

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The phone with the biggest saving is the Samsung Galaxy S9, which initially launched with a price tag of £739 but can now be picked up for £169. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is followed by its successor, the S10. It launched at £799, but the average cost of a refurbished model today is 71% less, at £228.

Completing the top three is the larger Samsung Galaxy S10+. The S10+ initially retailed at £899, but a refurbished model currently costs around £275.

The mobile phone brands with the biggest cost savings:

Rank Manufacturer Average launch RRP Average refurbished price Difference
1 Samsung £943 £368 -61%
2 Google £474 £208 -56%
3 Apple £837 £487 -42%

Of the phones that analysed, the average Samsung retailed at just shy of £1,000, but a refurbished model can be picked up for £368. That’s a saving of just over 60%, more than Google phones and significantly more than Apple phones.

The average refurbished Pixel phone is 56% cheaper than its original list price, which drops to 42% for Apple iPhones.

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