Earning money online through new technologies

Web developers. Social media managers. Copywriters. Bloggers. Virtual assistants. Online marketplace sellers. Yup, all are ways of making a living while working online. However, the good news is that these days you can also be online and just play and have fun and make money for yourself while you are at it. Take a look at AskGamblers – World’s Best Online Casino Website for starters and you’ll know what I am talking about.  

However, it is not easy for online casinos to reach players. And this is where affiliate programs and casino affiliates lend a helping hand. In affiliate marketing a business rewards their affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. This model is used by the majority in the iGaming industry and thereby plays a big role in an online casinos’success.

Affiliates are people who use their own websites, which are all devoted to gambling and very often contain really useful information, to bring traffic to an online casino. They deliver referral traffic to online casinos by placing links and banners on their own websites. Affiliates may sometimes use banners that call for direct action, e.g. to register or make a deposit in a particular casino. The goal is for casino affiliates to bring very relevant traffic with high rates of conversion into depositing players. On casino affiliates’ websites you’ll find iGaming guides and online casino rankings, so they attract users who search for the best casino to play at and actually do play after following the link.

One important factor is that online gaming affiliates are quite often players themselves. They usually have vast experience as casino users and even write blogs or do live streaming to share their gaming experience with other players. So when looking up online casinos to try your luck you can definitely trust best casino affiliate reviews on AskGamblers and this award winning online casino website won’t hire just any gambling loving peeps for their affiliate.

How do you become a casino affiliate?

Online casinos certainly know how to attract their affiliates into the igaming industry. They are an  important source of income for casino operators and casino operators definitely show their appreciation for careful SEO and marketing and every casino link shared on the part of casino affiliates. The affiliates don’t just receive a simple preset commission or percentage of profits in return for their promotional services. Revenue share can range anywhere between 10 % to 50% of the casino’s profits. There are operators who offer upfront payments together with long-term participation in the casino revenue. Then there is also the CPA (cost per action) model of payment where a casino offers a fixed rate for every player. The affiliate responsible for the new lead may be rewarded just for registration, but most often the player needs to deposit or wager a certain amount for the affiliate to be paid. Casino operators can be flexible about the rate, increasing it while the number of players referred by the affiliate grows.

Online casino operators prefer affiliate marketing over other methods of promotion and will thereby come forward with attractive incentives in revenue because payment is based on affiliates performance in traffic conversion, their progress is measurable and easy to track through online casino software, and since affiliates usually have a good reputation in the world of iGaming, being advertised on their websites adds to their casino’s fame and credibility.

So there you go. If you love online gambling and are also an SEO whizz or otherwise good at content marketing you can easily start earning money by creating your own website or websites where you will promote your favorite online casinos and post other online gambling-related content. Like with any other project where you are about to become a partner first carry out a background check on the casinos to be sure whether or not they are a trustworthy establishment to advertise and you are good to go.