How to make money from your website

Thanks to the internet, we have more avenues for creativity and ways to make money than ever before. Every website has money-making potential, and the use of tools like sponsored posts and reseller hosting can create effortless income.

The amount of websites online is constantly increasing, as having one becomes a necessary part of any modern business and new bloggers appearing every day. This has not only made the internet a varied and engaging experience, but also created a fantastic opportunity for people to make money through a website — especially when you consider how little it costs to build one.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the website methods used to make it more profitable, as well as ways to alter your current setup to increase readership and customers.

Can your website be used for eCommerce?

The first and most obvious way to make money from a website is eCommerce. The internet has revolutionised pretty much every industry, but it’s safe to say that retail is definitely a sector that has benefitted the most. eCommerce has made buying things more convenient than ever and provided the platform for people and businesses alike to sell products to a wider global audience.

If you’re a business owner with a product to sell and are yet to make the online leap, you’re already behind in the race. Businesses in the digital age need a website to compete with rival companies successfully — and if you’re in the retail industry, incorporating eCommerce into that site is essential.

Sponsored posts

Once upon a time, blogs were introduced as a novel way to keep a digital journal. Nowadays, blogging has evolved into a platform for full-time bloggers and businesses to market proficiently and make money. Aside from the benefit to your site’s SEO (more on that in a minute) and establishing a connection to your audience, having a blog means you can profit from sponsored posts.

A sponsored post is a blog post — pre-written or written by you — that is used to promote a product or benefit another site with the use of a backlink. This type of post is a more organic form of advertising and accepting them on your blog gives you a great way of making money from your website. Plus, as your site continues to gain a larger audience and become more reputable, you’ll be able to charge more for sponsored posts.

Reseller hosting

As the owner of a website, you will have had to purchase web hosting services to get online, so you’ll be familiar with how it works. What you may not know is that website hosting companies offer another service called reseller hosting. Once purchased, reseller hosting allows you to sell hosting packages (VPS server reseller, cloud reseller hosting, etc.) on behalf of the company, making you a middleman between your web hosting company and what are now your own customers.

Reseller hosting is a simple way to make money through your website, as it requires minimal effort on your end. All you have to do is promote the hosting packages on your website. If you’re concerned about what to do if a customer has technical issues or queries about the service, all you have to do is point them in the direction of the web hosting provider. Simple!

Increase your audience with good SEO

Although this isn’t a way to put money in your pocket overnight, it will undoubtedly increase your chances of attracting a broader audience or gaining more customers, which will lead to more conversions. Three words: search engine optimisation (SEO). It’s a term you will have definitely come across online — and it’s something that will benefit your site in a big way.

SEO relates to the marketing methods used to make websites rank higher on search engines. Improving your site’s SEO will help to attract more people to your site, which in the case of eCommerce means that you will massively increase your ability to make money.

Optimising your web copy and blog posts for SEO is simple, effective and a good habit to get into for future content. Two common techniques that are easy to implement are the use of keywords and backlinks. Keywords are words and phrases that relate to your blog inserted throughout to improve your chances of appearing in people’s online searches. Backlinks are links used in your content — preferably to high-authority, reputable sites — that tell search engines that your website is a trustworthy, relevant source of information.